Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Thinking about a SS/FG

Since my job requires me to crunch a lot of numbers related to inventory levels and cash flows, it naturally seeps into my private life. Speaking in very general terms, I don't ride as much as I would like, I'm good at making excuses about it, and would like to overcome some obstacles.

I don't think I would mind riding in the rain, I just don't want to ride my only, very good condition bike in the rain. On average it rains 122 days a year in my city - that means I use this as a lame excuse about 50% of the time. Compared to national average I get an extra three weeks of laziness-inducing precipitation. Typically, I make my limit at 40% chance of rain during the hours of my commute. If it rained over night I am prone to pass on riding until things are good and dry.

About a year ago I picked up a pair of rain pants on a pretty good deal (75% off clearance and out of season). I have also managed to pick up a couple water resistant riding jackets along the way. Neither the jackets nor pants have yet to be worn. I guess it comes back to not wanting to get my bike wet, dirty, and potentially damaged from riding in poor conditions.

I think an older road bike, likely less than $200, would be fine. The reasoning behind a single-speed fixed gear bike (with brakes of course, I'm not that hip) would be that there would be less gunk to clean, as well as a much easier process. A second or third-hand bike would have much less sentimental value than my first "real road bike."

Am I over-thinking this too much? Am I being too touchy about my current bike? Am I just continuing to make more excuses? Are my speculations about SSFG cleaning and maintenance on point or in valid? Do I need to just shut up and ride?

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